15 Ideas To Build Teamwork In The Office

An old adage says “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It is also true for employees especially if they are dealing with repetitive tasks. To keep them sharp mentally and physically, it is important to let them have fun from time to time. Here are some ideas on activities and games that will make your team building fun and exciting.

1. Build Playhouses

With this activity, it’s not only your team who will enjoy but kids in your community as well. Have your team work together to build playhouses. This will improve their creative, artistic, and building skills. This will be a rewarding activity especially as your team sees the smiles on the children’s faces while playing in the playhouses they built.

2. Dragon Boating

The weather is getting hot and the sun is shining. Time to cool off and have fun in the water. Test your team’s physical strength and coordination with this boating activity. The boat will not move if they do not synchronize their paddling.

3. Helium Stick

The only requirement for this activity is a long stick, which is called helium stick in this activity. Divide the team into two. Each member will then hold the stick near their chest using their index finger. They should not drop the stick while every team member touches the stick.

4. Loop de Loop

Time for your team members to twirl their hands with this fun activity. There should be at least two teams for this game. Each team will stand in a circle while holding a team member’s hand. Every member will then twirl a hula hoop then pass it without letting it go.

5. Fun Meetings

Lets be honest. A team meeting is not the most interesting office activity. Don’t let it be dull by using colored paper for your agenda instead of the traditional white bond paper. Also, prepare small rewards for those team members who provide good ideas for the agenda.

6. Salt and Pepper

This activity will help your team get closer to each other. Prepare small pieces of paper and write pairs on them like pen and paper, Donald and Daisy, salt and pepper, etc. Tape each piece on a pair of people. Have them walk around the room blindfolded. Their goal is to find their match by asking questions.

7. Talking in Circles

Another activity that will build team coordination. Form several teams and have them form a circle. Each team, using both hands, will hold a long string that will go around the circle. They will then form different shapes without letting go of the string.

8. Try ART

“ART” in this case means Awareness of Reflexive Tendencies. This is a challenging activity and will test your team’s ability to handle pressure. This will also allow you to see who needs help and which team members stand out.

9. Paint-Balling

Treat yourself and your team to this fun and exciting game. This game is more than just running and shooting each other to your heart’s content. This requires strategy, coordination, and, of course, marksmanship. This will also show your team that you are both mentally and physically talented.

10. Move Tennis Balls

The goal is simple: each team should get as many tennis balls as possible in a certain period of time. This is a physically demanding game as it will challenge their speed, agility, and reaction time.

11. Coin Logo

Divide the team into at least two groups and have each member empty their pockets. Each group will then use the coins from their member’s pockets and other office materials such as pens, paper clips etc. to form shapes or logos that will symbolize the team. The team able to design the best logo wins.

12. Build or Ride Bikes

This is another activity that will allow your team to give back to the community. Have your team members ride a bike or build a bike with teenagers in your community. This will give your team a chance to share some inspiring stories and give some life lessons to the younger generation. Learn more in the video below:

13. Shoe Tower

Form several groups consisting of 3 to 6 members each. They will then remove their shoes and build the tallest tower possible using their shoes. They have 5 minutes to finish their tower.

14. Build Prosthetic Hands

Time for your team to work together to help some people. This is another heartwarming activity that your team can do. Build prosthetic hands using the prosthetic-hand-making kits and give joy to people who need it.

15. Getting to Know You

This is one of those ice-breaker activities that will help your team members know each other better. Write a description about each of your team members. The rest of the team should guess who you are describing. This activity will help your team build closer relationship with each other.