3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Instagram In Digital Marketing

Instagram is a social media platform, where people share pictures and short clips of their everyday life. People share food videos and pictures, videos of events, they can make stories showing other people live events and for longer videos, Instagram has an option of IGTV now.

Advantages Of Using Instagram

Instagram is not a new social media platform, but it continuously innovates, and gives users a chance to explore more things according to their interests. For example, if someone likes posts of an actor, then they will get to see more about that actor, but not on their feed. The feed of Instagram only shows posts of people that a person follows. For Boston SEO go to this marketing company.

If a user searches for a product on Instagram, then the app would show products of similar nature, of other brands. If a brand has presence on Instagram, then it has more exposure as well.

App On Phone

The biggest advantage that Instagram has is that the app works on smart phones, quite efficiently. This means, that people can access Instagram anywhere; whether they are having food or are taking a walk across the street. If a brand is successful in making their products visible on Instagram, then he will have more exposure and access to the customer.

Visual Place

Instagram is all about visuals, and text can be put as captions under images and videos, but it is not like Facebook; there are no posts. Those who love visuals, and like to spend their time scrolling on Instagrams explorer, then they would definitely open the images of a product, that appeals to them. This is what a brand has to work on; they need to make sure that the pictures and videos they take of their products are visually appealing, creative and innovative.

Easier To Learn About Customers

A marketer can easily note the customers who interact with the content that they post on their Instagram profile. They can visit the profiles of their customers (those who are public) and then note their details. This data would give them a general idea about the demographics of the audience that interacts with them the most. The second thing a marketer can do is to figure out the kind of data that their audience mostly responds to; for example, it could be youngsters might respond more to videos than images, and people of middle age, could be more attracted towards images or IGTV videos.

Disadvantages Of Using Instagram

Instagram is a place where fresh and appealing content has to be uploaded often. This can be problematic for a marketer, as he has to create a lot of content, and then manage the comments underneath it.

iOS And Android Only

Instagram is an amazing app, but the disadvantage of marketing through this app is that it is only available in iOS and Android. Those who have other mobile software like Linux, they cant install Instagram, and the brand who is promoting its business through this app, wont have access to a large customer base.

Technological Tool

As marketers have to produce content all the time, pictures and videos, they have to give it a professional look. They cant download pictures from Google photos and upload them on their Instagram account, because they would get a copyright notice. Their videos and images have to be of good quality; if they are making a video, then the voice of the speaker should be clear and the background music should be appropriate.

As it is a technological tool, marketers have to make sure that they are able to get their message across to customers in a proper way. If they spend too much time perfecting pictures and videos, and dont get their message across, then there is no point of using Instagram.

Limited Features

As compared to other platforms, Instagram has limited features when it comes to enhancing images; even though they have filters, but there are options which require the marketer to pay a fee. These limited features can make a marketer hesitant about using Instagram to promote their business and they might switch to other platforms where they can post pictures, and text.

Instagram is an amazing tool for digital marketing, but it shouldnt be used alone. Those marketers who want to promote a business, they should use other social media platforms as well, along with Instagram, or else using a single platform wont have the same impact.