5 Ways To Choose The Right Direct Mail Marketing Company

Direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to let your customers know about your products, services, and promotions. As its name implies, you send this information through USPS mail (or “snail mail”) to reach out to your customers directly, without paying too much on advertising. With such an important role, you must find a direct mail marketing company that will suit your needs.

Though different businesses have different needs when it comes to direct mail marketing, there are things you should look for in order to determine if the direct mail company you are choosing is the right one. These are:

1. Customizable – check to see if the direct mail marketing providers will let you change the texts, images, and overall content of your mailer. Youll want to make your mail more personal and unique to your company, even if you’re using a mail service. You want your customers to see your mail as an extension of your website or business design. If the mail cannot be customized to meet your design needs, it may be time to move on and find a new provider.

2. No limit to the number of mailing pieces sent – not all direct mail providers offer this service, so if you find one you may have hit the jackpot. This service often comes with higher fees, so be ready to shell out a little bit more. The great thing about having unlimited mail sent is that you can send as many mailings as you like, to all the customers on your mailing list. This gives you more chances to reach out to your customers, and more chances for them to read your mail.

3. Mail that allow images – in this day and age where peoples attention span is very short, images are key to catching their attention. Direct marketing mail that allow images is more likely to be read and opened by customers, so make sure to invest in this kind of direct mail marketing.

4. Responsive customer service – when you do business with someone, there has to be some form of after-sales support that will help you, should you encounter problems. This holds true with direct mail marketing providers. There will come a time that you’ll encounter problems, need assistance of some sort, or just need help learning about how to use the service itself. Customer support teams available anytime and by any mean, such as a call, instant message, or email, are ideal. You want to know that you always have someone to help you whenever you have mailing issues.

5. Provide reporting services – youll want to know if your mail has been received by your customers. A report stating this is provided by some direct mail companies. Reports such as how frequently you sent direct mail, and the times when it was sent, are also some reports that may interest you. Ask your service provider if they offer this feature.

When choosing a direct mail marketing provider, you must always look for these five important characteristics in order to ensure that you’re working with a good company. Use this checklist the next time you choose a provider.