Digital Cameras Have Another Great New Feature: Video Capture

Digital cameras have actually come quite a long way in the past couple of years. They are now more budget-friendly and feature rich than ever. An extensive list of functions and suggestions for choosing a digital camera is beyond the scope of this short article, however
this article will highlight among the most popular features, video capture capability.

With a video capture function on your camera, you can take low to medium quality video footage using your digital electronic camera. All electronic cameras with video capture are not produced on the
same quality level, so buyer beware. Here are some things to look at prior to buying a video camera with video capture:

Sound is Key

Does the camera support sound and if so, how do they do it? Does it catch it through a built-in microphone, or does it have an input for you to plug in an external microphone?

Video Quality

There are two main elements that identify video quality; resolution and frames per second. The higher the resolution, and the greater the number of frames per second and hence the greater quality of the video.

Video Format

Some cameras use exclusive video formats, which means that you can’t edit your videos with many editors. Windows Movie Maker, which comes totally free with Windows, is a terrific editor to utilize for the majority of generic video formats.

Video Length

Some video cameras limit the length of video clips you can take, typically to 30 seconds. The better cameras permit you to take as long of a video clip as your video camera’s memory can hold which is preferable.

Zoom Ability

On many digital electronic cameras, you can use the zoom when taking video footage. However, you can normally just utilize your optical zoom, not your digital zoom.

There are now more options than ever for digital cameras which is great for all buyers. Buyers now have more options, more features and better quality video footage for a less expensive price. This is music to all videographers.

The ease of use has now become simpler so even a novice in handling digital cameras can make decent videos. This is part of the reason why video content creation continues to climb at an amazing rate. There are hundreds of thousands of new videos being uploaded to Youtube daily.

Making professional videos is very expensive indeed but whats important to understand is most of the most viral videos on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo are made from complete amateurs using a smart phone or simple camera. They have spent no money whatsoever to further produce
the video.

It just goes to show you anyone can make a viral video and you dont have to spend thousands to do it. So, the question is what is holding you back from making your first video?

Time to get your camera out and start filming whatever your passion may be. Who knows, the more videos you make, the better chances you have in creating memorable videos of which one may just go viral!