Is Email Marketing Traditional Marketing Or Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing gives marketers the chance to communicate with customers one on one, while traditional marketing doesnt create a two way communication. The main objective of a digital marketing Miami SEO strategy is to create brand awareness, find out new customers, provide better service to the existing customers for retention and increase the revenues of the company.

Email marketing plays an integral part in digital marketing, as personalized and customized emails can help attract and retain customers. A brand is able to promote its product and deliver a unique message to the customer that he cant ignore.

Cost Efficiency

Sending marketing emails to customers is cost efficient, as compared to paying for ads. When emails are customized for customers, with special offers and by mentioning their name, then customers are more likely to see such emails. The content of the email has to be concise, and the message should be to the point. Such an email would have a better impact, as compared to a long and a meaningless email.

Life Span

Even if people spend a lot of time on social media, with the incoming of social media posts, they might miss a post about a product or a special offer associated with the product. However, the life span of an email is much more than a social media post. Even if a customer doesnt check an email sent by a brand right away, he would still check it, when he has free time; the email isnt going anywhere, and whenever the customer opens his inbox, he would see the email sitting there.

Tailored Messages

Gone are the days when everyone received the same message; both old and new customers. Nowadays, in order to grab the attention of customers, new customers and old customers are sent different emails. For example, when a brand gains a new customer, it would send the customer an email welcoming him and directing them to the web pages with products, that are aligned with their interests.

The old customers would get messages that would be more towards retaining them, and rewarding them for being loyal to the brand. Old customers would get special deals, that new customers wont. They would have access to discounts, way before the new customers, as the brand wants to make them feel special.

Types Of Emails

The emails that marketers send to customers are of different types. In transactional emails, marketers are providing a service to the customer. These emails are mostly about the confirmation of an action taken by customers. For example, order confirmation, purchase receipts and shipping notices.

The second kind of email is relational email, in which marketers engage their subscribers and try to develop their relationship with them. These kinds of emails are about welcoming new subscribers, contest announcement or survey review. The third kind of email is the promotional emails, which are sent for the purpose of generating sales. These include new product release announcements, event announcements and trial offers.