Key Questions To Ask A Seo Company Before Hiring It

If you are a businessman who is looking to hire a SEO company, you need to do your homework. There are many scam companies operating in market who will not only waste your time and money but will do more harm to your business than you could have ever imagined. Hence it’s very important to do a thorough research before hiring a company. Asking right questions will lead you to the right company. Here is the list of some important questions that you should ask before making any hiring decision.

1. Amount of time needed to improve ranking

Before hiring any SEO company, the first question you need to ask is how long will it take for them to improve your ranking? The answer to this simple question will separate the scammers from authentic marketing company. If they say it will take one to two months, they are more likely scammers. It takes immense amount of work, research and effort to improve ranking. It is not something that happens overnight.

2. Strategy for inbound links

Another important aspect in improving your ranking is to have inbound links directing to your website. Ask SEO company about the strategy they are going to follow in directing external sources to your website. If they do not have enough legitimate back links, it would be tough to improve your ranking.

3. Local SEO strategy

This next question depends upon the nature of your business. If you get most of your revenues and sales from local areas then you need to optimize your website locally. Ask these questions form SEO Company:

Does local directory have my business submission?
Is my business listed in “best of” directories locally?
Do my title tags cater to local market?

4. Time spent in understanding business

It is very important for a SEO Company to understand the dynamics of your business. The agency should understand which products or services derive the most revenue for you and then they should design their strategy around those particular goods or services. Ask potential agency that how much time they are willing to provide in order to understand operations of your business.

5. Keyword research

Your SEO Company should do extensive keyword research of your target audience. What kind of words are consumers using when they need a certain product? A slight difference of words can make a huge impact on your traffic flow.

6. Blog strategy

For successful SEO, you need to continually update your content. Ask SEO Company that what is their strategy going to be for writing blogs. They should be writing relevant, meaningful and updated content to enhance your ranking. Writing generic blogs won’t help you in any way hence the agency should have a proper blog strategy.

7. References

Try to look for public reviews before hiring any SEO company. A reliable company should have good amount of positive reviews. Moreover ask for 3 references that they can provide in order to check their success rate and reliability.