London & York Pr Agency Buzzspot Ranking #1 Google Increases Business Growth

It is every business owners dream of having their website ranking on the first page of a
Google Search, or the ultimate goal is number #1 on the First page of Google Search. Page
One equals increased traffic and greater opportunity to get more buying customers visiting
your website. Increasing sales and therefore your bottom-line!

Getting your website on Page One of Google is a struggle for most business owners,
especially when you are competing against businesses that have large marketing departments;
and large budgets to gain rankings. This conundrum is why BuzzSpot Agency are passionate
about helping local businesses try to attain their goal of attracting more customers through cost
efficient methods of marketing. Our aim is to help you to stop chasing Google’s Algorithm and
just give Google what it wants. Quality content and theming is our aim; with world-class
distribution of your Company messaging. Our ambition for you is to bring large corporate
marketing strategies to the Local Small Business owner.

1. Niche.

In order to increase your chance of succeeding with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is
to firstly to understand your market and your competition. As we said in the introduction, our
aim is to intelligently beat the large corporate marketing by using our strategies to get the
Search Engines to elevate our rankings through cost effective marketing strategies.

This is why we work with the small business to target a niche. Our focus is to try to use content
and theming of that content to attract the search engine algorithms. Therefore when we are
writing content on any topic, there are specific theme words and phrases that are expected to
be on the page. If these words are missing, the content cannot be very good.

So our first objective is possibly to shift the focus of your business from more general to make
it more specific around products or services. So as an example, instead of just offering
Marketing Services, BuzzSpot could consider specializing in “lead generation services” or
“Search Engine Optimization.” Our objective is to generate more specific keyword phrases,
which will likely be much easier to rank for.

2. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

The first thing we need to know is that any keyword phrase can land you at the top of the
Google Ranking. There is no proof that Google use LSI in their indexing, however, by
associating keywords within any article our practice enables the content to become richer and
more likely to achieve greater status with a search engine indexer.

BuzzSpot therefore analyses for you the keywords that will help your ranking, we then use our
platform to make sure that the words on an article, blog or your website includes these words
appropriately, without penalizing you by over stuffing the content.

3. Optimize all content for your keywords.

Once you’ve got your niche and have chosen keywords, it’s time for us to apply those
keywords in strategic places on your page. While you certainly don’t want to overuse your
keywords, it is important to use them in a variety of ways within your content.
Our Title Tag is going to be the first element that will be indexed and therefore needs to include
the keywords we want to go after.

Where are looking to optimize your website content you need to make your Headings relate to
your keywords; that you have alt tagged all images; and that you included your keywords
throughout the content.

At all times we need to make Google (and your readers) like the comprehensive content that
relates to the topic at hand.

4. Content, Content, Content!

If we are aiming on getting your business to top rankings in Google, Bing or any of the search
engines, then we need to add new content to your site, issue press releases and blogs on a
regular basis. Our work on your articles, press releases and blogs allows us to include
keywords so that they are scientifically separated but when scanned enable the search
engines to understand their grouping.

The authority we generate from sending your release to the top news sites world-wide,
provides what we call link juice. In applying your website and publicising you on high rated
authority domains, immediately increases your SEO cost effectively. In doing this every week,
we compound the impact of the search engine indexation and therefore grow your ranking.
And ranking will drive your customers to you!

Being smart around the internet enables some companies to monopolise the page one
rankings. BuzzSpot has proven the impact of our approach to increasing the ranking of
business in most niches. Take this article, as an example: We estimate at writing of the article
that we will generate around 810 keyword sequences just from the Title. We should therefore
achieve a #1 ranking for at least 75% of the keyword variables. And top 20 for the rest. There
are probably just over 400 other keyword variables in the content and on publication, we also
published as a blog with keyword long tail that could extend the rating of the article. Powerful
stuff heh!
If you are interested in understanding how we can help you get to #1 in Google then schedule
a no obligation 20 minute call with one of our consultants