Proper Way To Design A Tri Fold Brochure

A tri-fold brochure is one of the most popular types of printed media used in marketing. This kind of brochure is usually used as part of many marketing strategies.

There are many reasons why tri-fold brochures are a popular choice among different companies. They are cost effective and very easy to hand out or mail. Many printing companies choose to specialize in this kind of brochure because of its popularity among their clients.

If you are looking to utilize the efficiency of using tri-fold brochures in marketing your services or products, then this article will guide you in regard to the basics of printing them. There are a lot of things to remember when dealing with tri-folds. Think about the following:

Hire the right printing company If you are looking for someone else to print your tri-folds, you must always choose someone who has experience in brochure printing. A lot of printing companies can come up with nice tri-fold brochures.

Ask for sample prints if you can, so you can gauge their capabilities. Check to see if previous clients are satisfied with their services. Dont forget to ask if they can deliver within time constraints, just in case you need your brochures in a hurry.

Know your in-house printers capabilities If youre going to print your own brochures, see if your printer has a recommended template that you can use. If your printer has one, then you must use it. A printers recommended template is optimized for your printer to produce the best tri-fold brochure.

Carefully study your layout The order in which the information is presented is critical if you are to achieve your tri-fold brochures purpose. Remember that the front outer flaps are the first thing that a person will see. Put something in there that will catch his attention and leave a good impression.

The inner pages or panels, on the other hand, should be used to elaborate on your products, services, and offer. Wrap everything up on the far right panel. Dont forget to include and highlight your call to action.

Have a unified theme Do not design each panel with a different theme. You must have a consistent color palette, design patterns, and fonts. A design that is thematically broken will make your brochure look like a clustered mess.

On the other hand, a unified design is easy on the eyes and looks more professional. Remember that brochures are meant to give information in a very organized manner that does not overwhelm the reader with explosions of colors and information.

If you follow this guide and keep these tips in mind, youre more likely to achieve your goal in printing and distributing your tri-fold brochures. Your marketing messages will reach your audience and they will be prompted to take your desired action. In this digital age, something as conventional as a tri-fold brochure can still be an effective marketing tool if it is produced the right way.