Should I Leave My Job And Work For Myself?

It’s a question most employees have contemplated at one time or another. It’s probably something you’ve asked yourself as well. There are definitely many alluring benefits, which is why so many of us consider it from time to time, but there are also many treacherous waters, lots of tales of shipwrecked ventures of worn and weary voyagers who gave it all and lost it all. The tales of warning are enough to put most of us off from taking the plunge, but still we wonder could it be worth the risk? It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you are seriously considering going into business for yourself, then as they say, luck favours the prepared… read on.

Will it be Viable?

You need to investigate and make sure that there is a profitable niche for you to target your marketing to. You’re putting in a good deal when you work for yourself, so see to it that your organisation has strong principles and is truly valuable, not merely a fanciful idea.
If you are going into a competitive environment what is going to make you stand out from the others? What is going to make your prospects choose you over your competitors? If your answer is because you will be cheaper that is often one of the hardest value propositions to build a business on, people are never loyal to doing business with someone because they’re cheaper, you only need someone to undercut you and all your customers disappear. This is particularly difficult where there are competitors who have already got a head start in the market.
So, if cheaper isn’t the answer then what? How are you going to elicit a sense of loyalty from customers? Is it a better quality of service or product? Will it be faster or more efficient at meeting their needs? There are many possible answers to how you are going to reach, persuade, serve and then keep happy customers and do it at a profit. Whatever your answers are, you will want to make sure they are rock solid, and you’ve put the work into being sure that it is a real, viable business proposition before you hand in your resignation and kiss your regular pay check goodbye.

Create a Professional Presentation

Select a brand name for your enterprise that encapsulates the main idea of what you are offering and also makes sense to your potential clients. Don’t get too hung up on trying to get the perfect name or getting too smart for yourself and coming up with something so obscure no one else understands, sometimes a simple name that you may find boring is all you really need to communicate clearly to your target market. Remember to keep asking “why would they choose you over a competitor?” When you have a few potential names to choose from you can ask your target audience for feedback and see how they respond, sometimes they can surprise you with how they see things.

Handle Your Own Efficiency

Once you’re no longer doing work in a space with supervisors scrutinizing you to check you are making them a profit, when you work for yourself you need to be a master of your own time and effectiveness. This is particularly relevant if you are setting up a home-based business. Consider what methods have worked for you in the past to keep you on track with big projects, there are many time management applications you can try to see which one helps you to manage the many obligations and little details that come up in business.

Consider a Different Business Phone Line

Having a separate phone line set up will help your service appear more professional. You can also write off calls from taxes at the end of the tax year. If you can’t pay for a separate phone and you are on the go, there are some apps that allow you to have a distinct number but on the same cell phone making it easy to distinguish whether an incoming call is for business or personal reasons enabling you to answer appropriately without the costs associated with multiple phones. If neither of those options work for you then you can claim as much as possible from your regular monthly phone bill by making careful logs of business-related telephone calls and subtracting a portion of the cost.

Keep in Compliance

Make sure you consider health and safety and build that into your set up and your practises. You will want to mitigate any potential disaster not only to protect yourself and others from harm or injury but to protect your earning capacity as well. This incorporates everything from having a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher in your office area to having appropriate equipment for each task and making sure you are compliant with any relevant laws for your profession and your local area. You will want to have insurance coverage too, but keep in mind they will be unlikely to cover your lost earning capacity particularly in the early days of your business, so it’s imperative you prevent any potential disaster that you have the capacity to do so.


Cashflow and Recordkeeping

Having your funds properly managed is fundamental. You should be efficient at regulating your cash flow including keeping track of your outgoings. Exactly how well you take care of cash flow has an incredible impact on every other aspect of your business. Distinguish what can wait as well as what has to be paid straightaway. One of the absolute best practices to track costs plus skilfully handle your invoicing is to take advantage of a cloud-based accounting system. Cloud based bookkeeping has transformed bookkeeping and maintaining proper documentation for income tax duties, there are a wide array of alternatives offered when it comes to cloud based accounting systems, and this short article goes over terrific accounting tools small companies ought to look at. This will certainly come to be extremely helpful when it comes tax time, making it much quicker and easier for you to comply with all the various tax requirements. Be sure to keep invoices secure and orderly in case you happen to be investigated.

Financial Planning

Financial preparation is a vital part of building any business. A statement which lays out anticipated sales and purchases can be incredibly handy. You will definitely want to deliver your best prediction as to future sales and profits. These ballpark figures are going to furnish you with an idea of future earnings to help prepare you for where your business is heading plus making sure you have the financial preparation called for in the future.

Keep Learning

Ideally, what you’ve found out in this post shall enable you keep above the pack. If you wish to succeed and remain there you must always be on the lookout for fresh information and facts. Discover what you can and build up techniques that you have the capacity to work with to be a success.