Smart Seo Strategies To Earn Backlinks For Your Website

Backlinks are links that link your site to other websites. The backlinks help in providing you with more organic traffic and are an integral factor for high rankings for every search engine. The quality of the backlinks determines the traffic that your website gets. If you get backlinks from an authoritative site, you would be able to get more traffic and higher rankings on search engines. Google keeps a strict eye on the way your backlinks are connected and how you have obtained them. Multiple factors make your rank higher on Google, but backlinks are one of the most critical factors. It is a fact that good quality backlinks are hard to acquire, but if you have an understanding of a few smart strategies to earn backlinks obtaining quality links should not be an issue.

Here are a few smart tips to obtain quality backlinks for your website.

The Broke link Building strategy

The broken link building strategy helps in acquiring one-way backlinks. To earn backlinks through this technique, you can contact a webmaster and inform him about the broken links on his website. You can suggest him another site to get the broken link replaced. And in this process, you can recommend your website. You are helping out the webmaster so it is a given that he would return the favor and your site would probably get a backlink.

Backlinks through Infographics

Infographics are a valuable and useful method to attract a massive amount of traffic to your website and obtaining quality backlinks. The strategy is easily under stable, and it is very convenient to share through Infographics. Every internet user loves visual data. Thats why Infographics has become a widely used strategy to earn backlinks. Choosing your Infographics wisely is very important. Each Infographic should have an intriguing story for the users. Looking out for trending topics can make it easy for you to create good infographics for your website.

The benefits of Guest posts

Try doing guest blogging on other popular sites on the internet. By occasionally writing for different websites, you would be able to present your content in front of a wide range of readers. This would help in building an excellent online reputation for you. It can also help you increase your social media followers. You can start your journey by blogging for Google analytical blog. Google welcomes guest posts with open arms.

Keep a check on your competitors

If you want to attract more traffic to your website, keeping a keen eye on your competitors SEO strategies is essential search results. Check out what kind of content they are creating and how are they marketing it. What strategies are they adopting to obtain backlinks and how well are they earning. Follow their social media pages or subscribe to their newsletters. If you want to analyze your competitors backlinks, try using Monitor Backlinks tool. It will help you get informed about your top four competitors. When you sign up with this tool, you will get a report weekly about the links they recently earned.

Promote your content

Even if your content is great you have to promote it intensely otherwise you won’t be getting any backlinks. With the cut-throat competition among businesses, you have to go out and about in the world. Reach out to people through email or whatever means you are comfortable with and promote your articles wisely. One tip is to get in touch with bloggers or websites which are running with a weekly or monthly roundup. You can take help from Google by searching for keyword plus gathering. You can make sure to check out results mainly from the past month or week and later contact a webmaster. Give them detailed information about your website and send them a link of your best guides or tutorials. If you are fortunate, they will link back your website into a weekly roundup. Bloggers are always on the hunt to find quality content, so if they find your information resourceful, they will help you directly.

Write testimonials

An easy way to earn maximum backlinks is to write testimonials for the websites you are using. You can get a link from an official webpage without spending more than a few minutes. You can also get a backlink as an exchange of this testimonial if you are a loyal customer of the product.

Contact bloggers and journalists

Even if you have a good website a better promotion will make it even more popular among users. The best way is to contact some authoritative bloggers and journalists through emails. It’s not difficult to get the desired emails in such a modern world of technology. You can also use social media to send out your emails to bloggers or journalists relating your niche.


Another fantastic method to earn backlinks is by donating to nonprofit organizations. Find some sites in your specified niche that are ready to accept donations in exchange to providing backlinks. State the URL of your website along with the contributions you are willing to make so that they reach you back in no time.

Get interviewed

The easiest way to earn some backlinks for your website is through giving online interviews which are in vogue nowadays. Once you are a top authority in your niche, you will be getting plenty of interview calls and invitations. If you plan to succeed, get started and take the first move. Contact those websites which are holding interviews and let them know you are willing to participate. Earning backlinks can be challenging, but if you use the right methods and resources, you can find many opportunities in no time.

Build Internal Links

Building internal links can be fruitful if you own a blog. Internal links pass enough juice, and you can even add some anchor links with it. Users will easily navigate through your website with an enhanced experience. Variety of tools are available online, which can be used for your blog, and if you use wordpress, it will make things even more comfortable. According to a research by Microsoft, it is recommended that website owners should keep their internal links under 100 for better use or seo.