Tecademics Reviewed

I found it difficult to find a search result on Google or Youtube where the term Tecademics reviewed or Tecademics Review or Tecademics Scam was of any value to me. One of the concerns most buyers have, is whether a product they want to purchase is any good. Because products are so heavily marketed online by affiliates, it’s often difficult to decide if the program or product has merit or the person reviewing it is just trying to get an affiliate commission.

In this case, I was looking at Tecademics, the new internet marketing college established by Chris Record and trying to decide if the courses were worth the prices they are charging. A common search term typed into Google when looking for a review is ‘Tecademics Scam’ which opens up a lot of results, most of which are useless reviews by people who don’t own the product and simply rank the the term Tecademics review and then proceed to tell you that they have a different product that you should rather look at. It’s all very scammy.

I did manage to find this Tecademics review that provided some real value and wasn’t just fluffed up with sales talk and hype. I discovered that the courses available from Tecademics are structured in four levels and the reviewer gave a great breakdown of each course and where they fitted in relation to each other and for what level of knowledge they are intended. I was also gratified to learn that Tecademics offers a structured learning path as I have great difficulty with attending these relentless webinars that appear in my inbox every day promising the world and after you have waded through an hour of waffle, you find that it’s an over priced training with a long sales pitch from someone so hyped up I wouldn’t trust them to teach me anything of value or really works.

Following the logic and the obvious effort the reviewer had put into analysing Tecademics and the products, I felt confident enough to make a decision on the Impact Series product which I have since purchased and am finding absolutely amazing. I have to say, Tecademics are approaching marketing training in a way that sets them apart from all other marketers trying to teach marketing. I also have to give credit to the review that I found on Tecademics which really reflects well on the products and provided real value and insights into their programs.