The Legal Role Of Appeal Qc’s

When you file an appeal within the UK courts system, you want to make sure that you have the best possible specialist on your case. This means that you want someone who has taken the silk, specializes in their specific field of law, and who has a proven track record. In the case of appeals, this role is filled by appeal QC’s barristers who have practiced for 10 years, received a recommendation, and are then confirmed with letters patent – the best of the best.

Contracting with one of these barristers will ensure that you not only have them on their case, but that you also have their junior on the case. Most of the time their junior is not someone with much less experience, but someone who has not achieved the same level of prestige as they have. In effect, you will have two extremely well learned lawyers on your case, ensuring that your appeal is handled with the utmost care.

Thankfully, the steps to go through for an appeal with a QC is the same as with any other barrister. You will first bring them your case, get advice, and determine if you should move forward. They will ask for any supporting evidence, and begin to write up a recommendation. Along the way their junior will check over your paperwork and ensure that it is completely correctly and will pass muster once your case is brought before the court.

At this time you will be advised of your chances, and walked through the possible options for your case. You will be reminded that your conviction must be proven to legally invalid or unnecessary for your case to be dismissed. This ensures that a QC will only take on your case if you have a chance of winning and are actually in the right.

Finally, your paperwork will be filed and the QC will argue your case in the courts. You may be called forward to present evidence, and are required to be present while your case is being argued.


Appeal QC’s ensure that you are given a fighting chance in court and that miscarriages of justice are not allowed to stand. They are highly skilled, proven within the court system, and personally recommended. If you have a chance, retaining a QC over any other barrister is a smart idea for your case and your future.