Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing

Why use direct mail marketing? If youre an entrepreneur or marketer, then that question may have come across your mind. You may have asked yourself whether direct mail is as effective as the advanced online marketing techniques that most marketers are using nowadays. To help you decide whether you should include it in your marketing campaign, here are some reasons why many still consider it effective in terms of promoting and exposing a brand or company:

1. Reaches more customers Despite the advancement in technology, theres still a good number of people who are not Internet and computer savvy. Direct mail marketing makes it possible for you to tap that specific segment composed of those who are less likely to learn about your products or find your brand on the internet.

Even if a lot of potential customers are using the Internet, you have no assurance that all of them will visit your site frequently and make a purchase. Direct mail will ultimately reach the hands of your target audience, making the communication process tailored for them.

2. Has a more personal touch Your sales piece should be capable of connecting to your target audience on a more personal level. Theres nothing more effective in getting closer to your prospects than sending them direct mail. It allows you to deliver a tangible sales pitch, which they can hold and read.

3. You cant expect the same results if you send an e-mail. With the many things that are happening in their mobile devices, such as social media notifications, e-mails will only have a small voice that will most likely get drowned out by the other things online that require their attention.

4. Accountable and integrated Direct mail marketing provides you with more freedom to keep track of its success. This is possible through various means like counting the number of generated inquiries, visits to your landing pages, or redeemed coupons. You can easily keep track of and analyze results, which is a good thing if you want to determine what works and if there are any changes you need to make.

Its also easy to integrate with other marketing campaigns, such as social media, web and TV and radio ads, therefore letting you produce a winning and powerful combination. Integrating direct mail with other marketing channels will further enhance its effectiveness.

5. Has a higher level of engagement Direct mail has a higher level of engagement as its right in front of the recipients. Most people check their mailbox and spend around twenty-five minutes each day reading mail. It makes more sense than e-mails that may only end up in the spam folder, unread. You also have the option to make the direct mail appear more formal and professional, which can further boost the level of engagement.

With the reasons listed above, its safe to say that direct mail deserves a spot in a comprehensive and thoughtful marketing campaign. Its flexibility, personal touch and user-friendliness make it one of the best options for anyone who wishes to promote their brand.