Why Seo Is King

Experts in online marketing all agree that SEO or search engine optimization is still the king even if it has been around for many years now. New techniques and strategies in promoting businesses online have been introduced but good old optimization still brings the best results. Itâs been proven both in actual practice and in figures.

Search engine optimization is a technique that aims to increase and improve the quality of traffic that you get on your website through organic search results. This simply means attracting the right people who are more likely to do business with you from the search engines without paying for traffic. Optimized content has been found to have a higher lead conversion rate than other sources including print ads and direct marketing.

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The King of Attraction
Studies have shown that online contacts with brands most often start with a search. A big percentage of these experiences came from search engines, mostly from Google searches. With this data, it is clear that attraction happens even before your target audience sees your content. Thatâs because optimization does the work behind the scenes.

When your site (and content) is properly optimized, âspidersâ crawl through it and pulls it up as part of the results pages (SERPs) served to an online user (your target audience). The spiders look for compelling content to determine whether or not the site âdeservesâ a place in the SERPs. The key determinants of effective optimization includes: relevance, credibility, links, and user experience among others.

Better Visibility for Your Brand
Excellent SEO will land your site on the first page of the SERPs. This is where you want to be since only about a quarter of online users actually check out the succeeding pages of the search results. Itâs understandable why thereâs a lot of competition for this premium online real estate space. Itâs proven to be effective and cost-efficient.

Optimization involves the use of keywords, linking to relevant and related authority sites, and follower base among others. The more important aspect to work on, however, is the value that you give to your audience. Boosting your siteâs âsearchabilityâ will not give you your desired conversions when you do not have valuable and relevant content on your site.

Do It Right
Thereâs a good way (white hat) and a bad way (black hat) to optimize your site. Not doing it the right way can get you penalized or banned from the SERPs â which means you can say goodbye to driving traffic to your site from organic searches. To reap the benefits of optimizing the right way, you can learn how to do SEO on your own using tools that are readily available online or you can hire specialists to do it for you.