How Can I Improve My Seo Traffic In 30 Days

As we know that SEO is continuing to evolve, its becoming more essential and important for the digital marketing strategy of every business. The need of fast SEO results has become the need of the hour. It is very important to set a professional SEO for your website who can deal with constant changing marketing trends.

We will not be discussing the basic internet optimizer SEO steps but what extra you can do to quickly attract traffic. Here are a few tips to increase the traffic on your website in 30 days:

1) Regularly Blogging

Blogging drive more traffic to your site. As blogging has become a big part of digital marketing strategy in recent years. Blogging helps you to build much stronger and greater relations with the audience. Though it is time consuming but having a good strategy and content calendar in place is worth it.

2) Interacting With Audience On Social Media

We all know the impact of social media in todays world and it can be a good source of traffic. Social media is the best way to connect with audience. The very first and important step is to add links to your website in your different bios. For growing your social media presence it is important to engage with audience on frequent basis. It can also include social media ads as they immediately divert the audience attention and with the help of ads you can get quick boost in traffic.

3) Do An SEO Audit Of Your Site

If you are involved with the process of SEO on your own, its always better to have an audit from a professional SEO to seen that everything is going smoothly. You can ask him to check tags and adding links to your post, auditing keywords in your headline and check your alt text on images. You can use online tools for a quick free SEO audit of your site and you will instantly figure out what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it.

4) Use The Power Of Visual Content

Visual content attract people more rather what is in written form. Research has also shown that people only remember 20% of what they have read. What they actually remember is the 80% of what they see. So including catchy pictures which might be funny and make people want to share it on social media can gain a lot of attention. Always remember to include a picture in your post to make it noticeable on social media.

5) Check Your Progress Weekly

If you want to increase your traffic in 30 days its important you check the status of your progress on weekly basis. Try different ideas and check its progress the next week. Keep an eye on Search Engines Policies and be the first one to adopt the new tactics.