Online Business Portfolios: Home Security Systems

A recent statistic by the US Department of Justice concluded that 4,600 cases of home burglaries occur in the United States every day. In those burglaries, 39 percent have assault included.

For every homeowner, the DOJ’s statistic is very frightening. For most people, the staggering number of home burglaries is enough to keep them awake at night.

The same highlighted statistics above are what push for the increase in demand for home security systems. The increase in demand for such systems should not be disregarded.

The skyrocketing demand ensures that there is a steady stream of consumers who would like to purchase home security systems.

One such company that has capitalized on the demand for home security systems is Brickhouse Security. Brickhouse Security’s founder had stated that he found the market for home security systems back in 2005 to be very sparse.

In seeing the lack of vendors, he went into the market and founded the company. Today, Brickhouse Security is known as the number one company in terms of innovation in the field of home security systems.

Another rising trend in the consumer market of security systems is the need for customizability. Many homeowners seek a versatile, flexible, and DIY home security system.

Beforehand, home security systems were mostly installed by professionals. But, the culture of DIY has steadily led the market to a trend that would require customizability in all aspects of the installation.

Brickhouse Security has once again seen the trend and acted accordingly putting in its catalogs security systems that allow the common person to set it up on their own.

One of the many offerings by Brickhouse is an intruder warning system. An intruder warning system is essential for your home security.

More than just an alarm, these systems will give you information about the security of your house. The camera and motion sensors will tell you who is who and where these people are inside your property.

Information is crucial when it comes to home burglaries. Information will help you defend and safely move yourself and your family.

An intruder warning system is just one of the many offering Brickhouse Security has made for their own portfolios. The e-commerce site is still continuing to listen to the market and promptly innovate on the demands of the consumer.

Perhaps there would be a demand for active action home security systems that are more than just alarms. Regardless of where the market goes, Brickhouse Security is a case study on what an e-commerce website selling home security systems should strive for.